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flutterhabit Made for This Adhesive
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flutterhabit Made for This Adhesive

Lash Adhesive


Flutterhabit Made for This Adhesive: The Perfect Hold for Your Perfect Lashes

General Information:

Introducing Flutterhabit’s Made for This Adhesive, expertly crafted for the secure application of your favorite Flutterhabit lashes. This specially formulated adhesive is designed to offer a reliable, long-lasting hold, ensuring your lashes stay perfectly in place all day. Its gentle yet effective composition makes it suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, allowing you to enhance your beauty with utmost comfort.


  • Strong and Long-Lasting: Provides a dependable hold that lasts throughout the day and night, ensuring your lashes stay flawless.
  • Gentle on Skin: Carefully formulated to be kind to your skin, reducing the risk of irritation.
  • Easy to Apply: Comes with a precision applicator for a smooth, hassle-free lash application experience.
  • Dries Clear: The adhesive dries clear, maintaining the natural look of your lashes and eyeliner.
  • Compatible with All Flutterhabit Lashes: Designed to work seamlessly with the entire range of Flutterhabit lashes.

Application Tips:

  • Prep Your Lashes: Clean and dry your natural lashes and eyelids for optimal adhesion.
  • Apply Adhesive: Use the precision applicator to apply a thin layer of adhesive along the lash band.
  • Wait and Set: Allow the adhesive to become tacky for a few seconds before applying the lashes.
  • Secure Lashes: Place the Flutterhabit lashes onto your natural lash line and gently press to secure.

Experience the confidence that comes with knowing your lashes are perfectly secured with Flutterhabit’s Made for This Adhesive. With every purchase, enjoy a complimentary consultation with our beauty experts, where they will guide you on how to achieve the best lash application and help build a customized beauty routine tailored to your preferences.

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