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Men’s Hair Serum
Shop / Hair Growth

Men’s Hair Serum

100% Drug-Free | Results in 3-6 Months


General Information:

Nutrafol Men’s Hair Serum is a specially formulated topical treatment that supports healthy hair growth and combats thinning with a blend of high-performance ingredients. This serum is an integral part of a comprehensive hair care routine, designed to complement Nutrafol’s nutraceuticals for men. Its lightweight formulation is crafted to nourish the scalp and strengthen hair without weighing it down.


  • Enhances Hair Growth: Promotes visibly thicker, fuller hair.
  • Scalp Nourishment: Provides essential nutrients directly to the scalp, fostering a healthy hair growth environment.
  • Non-Greasy: Quick absorption ensures no residue, maintaining a clean, styled look.
  • Clinically Effective: Developed with clinically tested ingredients known for their efficacy.

Active Ingredients:

  • RootBioTec™: Derived from basil, this potent extract is known to decrease hair loss and increase hair density.
  • Signaline™: A botanical active derived from olives and jojoba, energizes hair follicles and supports hair growth.
  • Caffeine: Rejuvenates hair follicles to help stimulate hair growth and thickness.
  • Peptides: Nourish the scalp and may help to improve the hair growth cycle.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Deeply hydrates the scalp, promoting healthy skin and hair follicles.

Directions for Use:

1. Application: Apply 1-2 droppers of serum directly to the scalp once daily, focusing on areas with thinning.
2. Massage: Gently massage into the scalp with fingertips to distribute the serum and stimulate absorption.
3. Styling Compatibility: The serum’s lightweight nature allows for styling after application without residue.
4. Consistent Use: Regular use, as part of your daily hair care regimen, is essential for seeing optimal benefits.

Nutrafol Men’s Hair Serum is an excellent addition for those looking to enhance their hair’s thickness and health with a targeted, scientifically-backed topical treatment.

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