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PRP/PRF Under-Eye Injections Maintenance Treatment
Shop / Maintenance Treatments

PRP/PRF Under-Eye Injections Maintenance Treatment

1 Maintenance Treatment


This package is intended for maintaining current results only. Requires previous consultation and completion of standard PRP/PRF Under-Eye Injections treatment package at Neaman Medi Spa.  

Maintenance Schedule for PRP/PRF Under-Eye Injection Treatments

Having completed your initial package of 3 PRP/PRF Under-Eye Injection treatments, maintaining those results is crucial for long-term satisfaction. Here’s a recommended maintenance and recovery timeline:

Initial Recovery Post-Final Treatment:

  • Week 1-2: Recovery from the final treatment, with potential mild swelling or bruising, which should subside quickly. Avoid strenuous activities and direct sun exposure.
  • Week 3-4: Noticeable improvements in under-eye appearance as the area heals and rejuvenates.

Ongoing Maintenance Schedule:

  • 3-6 Months Post-Treatment: Schedule a follow-up consultation to evaluate the results and determine if additional maintenance sessions are needed.
  • Every 6-12 Months: Depending on individual response and desired results, consider having a maintenance PRP/PRF Under-Eye Injection. This can help sustain the rejuvenated appearance and continuous collagen production.

Long-Term Care:

  • Regular Skincare Routine: Incorporate a gentle, hydrating under-eye cream and a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect and nourish the treated area.
  • Healthy Lifestyle: Maintain a balanced diet, stay hydrated, and ensure adequate sleep to support overall skin health.

Remember, this schedule is a general guideline. Individual needs may vary, and your provider will give you personalized advice during your follow-up consultations. Regular assessments are key to adapting the maintenance plan to your evolving skin care needs.

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