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Growth Factor Serum
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Growth Factor Serum

PM | All Skin Types | Anti-Aging | TSA Approved


General Information:

Dive deep into the realm of advanced skincare with the ZO Growth Factor Serum. A paradigm of modern skin rejuvenation techniques, this serum encapsulates the regenerative powers of growth factors to confer a revitalized and youthful appearance to the skin. A must-have for those dedicated to combating the signs of aging, this serum acts as the gateway to flawless, timeless beauty.


  • Revitalizing: Accelerates skin’s natural rejuvenation process, revealing a radiant and refreshed complexion.
  • Wrinkle Reduction: Targets and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and deeper-set wrinkles.
  • Enhanced Elasticity: Boosts skin’s firmness and elasticity, delivering a plump and youthful contour.
  • Intense Hydration: Quenches the skin’s thirst, locking in moisture and ensuring prolonged hydration.
  • Restorative: Aids in skin repair, addressing damage from environmental stressors and aging.

Active Ingredients:

  • Growth Factors: Renowned for their skin rejuvenation capabilities, they enhance cellular growth, repair, and collagen synthesis.
  • Neuropeptides: Powerful agents that improve the appearance of skin texture, elasticity, and overall radiance.
  • Amino Acids: Essential for protein synthesis, they support collagen and elastin production, ensuring skin’s resilience.
  • Plant Stem Cells: Natural botanicals known for their antioxidant and skin-protective properties.

Directions for Use:

1. Preparation: Start with a freshly cleansed and toned face.

2. Application: Dispense 2-3 drops of ZO Growth Factor Serum onto your fingertips.

3. Massage: Gently massage the serum in upward and outward strokes, ensuring even coverage over the face and neck.

4. Absorption: Allow the serum to be fully absorbed before proceeding.

5. Follow-Up: Seal in the benefits with your preferred ZO moisturizer.

6. Frequency: For transformative results, apply morning and evening.

*Note: The serum’s potency warrants caution. Always conduct a patch test before full-fledged application. If you encounter any adverse reactions, discontinue use and consult a dermatological expert.*

Unearth the pinnacle of skin transformation with ZO Growth Factor Serum. An amalgamation of nature’s finesse and scientific prowess, this serum stands as a beacon of age-defying excellence. Every drop is a promise of renewed vitality, resilience, and splendor. Let your skin bask in the luxury of growth factors and rediscover its innate radiance with ZO.

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