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Tretinoin Cream 0.05%
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Tretinoin Cream 0.05%

PM | Collagen Stimulator | Anti-Aging


General Information:

Dive deep into the realm of skin rejuvenation with ZO Tretinoin 0.05%. Crafted with a potent concentration of tretinoin, this unique formulation is designed to effectively address a myriad of skin concerns, from aging signs to texture irregularities, ensuring a smooth, radiant, and youthful complexion.


  • Advanced Anti-Aging: Vigorously combats signs of aging, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots.
  • Skin Cell Renewal: Stimulates the skin’s natural renewal process, revealing fresher, younger-looking skin.
  • Refined Texture: Targets skin roughness and irregularities, delivering a silky-smooth skin surface.
  • Acne Management: Helps in reducing breakouts and controlling acne, leading to clearer skin.
  • Collagen Boost: Promotes increased collagen production, enhancing skin firmness and elasticity.

Active Ingredients:

Tretinoin (0.05%): A derivative of vitamin A, renowned for its powerful skin rejuvenation properties. It addresses various skin concerns, from wrinkles to acne, and stimulates collagen production.

Directions for Use:

1. Preparation: Start with a cleansed face. Ensure it’s thoroughly clean from makeup and any impurities. Pat dry.

2. Application: Apply a thin layer of ZO Tretinoin 0.05% to the affected areas, ensuring even coverage.

3. Absorption: Allow the product to be fully absorbed. This might take several minutes.

4. Frequency: Begin by using the product every other evening. As your skin becomes accustomed, you can increase to daily use if recommended by your dermatologist.

5. Sun Protection: Due to the nature of tretinoin, it can make the skin more sensitive to UV rays. Always apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen during the day and minimize sun exposure.

*Note: Tretinoin can cause skin irritation, especially during the first few weeks of use. It’s essential to consult with a dermatologist before starting and to monitor the skin’s reaction. If excessive irritation or sensitivity occurs, usage should be reduced or discontinued.*

With ZO Tretinoin 0.05%, you are not just applying a product; you’re indulging in a transformative skincare experience. Witness the synergy of science and beauty, all bottled up in this advanced formulation, and embark on a journey towards impeccable skin today!

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